Wedding Creation is an wedding agency that was created with passion and experience.
Marlena Popis, experienced, professional wedding consultant decided to invite to your team client consultant specialist to recognizing customer`s needs and a fashion and art stylist specialist. The combination of these different professions ensures that your wedding day will be prepared perfectly.

Marlena Popis
Marlena Popis
Owner and founder of Wedding Creation agency. A friend and adviser of many fiancées on the way to the most beautiful day of thier life. After almost three years of work on many projects in one of the earliest and best wedding agency in Poland, decided to use their knowledge and skills, and organize weddings and wedding as an independent consultant. Marlena with great commitment weddings and knows well what surprises may occur in the preparation of a perfect wedding day. She know how to make everything work out as scheduled. She is well orginized and she have ability to react very quickly in case of unexpected situations.
Agnieszka Kramarska
Wedding Consultant - graduate of University of Warsaw majoring in Business Administration, with extensive experience in direct sales. Thanks to her experience in dealing with people she knows how to precisely identify the needs of clients and advise appropriate solutions to them. Communicative, professional, work under stress and time pressure is not an obstacle for her. She can find a solution in every, even seemingly most disadvantaged situation. Agnieszka is the person who will be for your advisor during the most beautiful journey in your life, which is the dream wedding.
Anna Magdalena Bernat
Artistic Consultant - graduated from art, now graduate student majoring in Master degree of animator and culture manager. Through shes manual and creativity has received numerous honors and awards in many artistic competitions. Owner of Anna ANTJE blog, where from three years, she shares with readers shes passion and knowledge of art and fashion. Perfectly familiar with the styles and current trends, not only in the world of fashion, but also in the field of decorative. Her knowledge, sense of style and ability to translate vision on a paper will help you choose the bride and groom each is most appropriate to their subject and style leading wedding.